Enhancing Childhood in Florida

While we think of Florida as the idyllic vacation destination and number one retirement spot, young families and young children live here, too.

Once children hit age four, it is obvious that their minds are developing, and their brains are wanting to explore and know more. Believe it or not, there are many ways to care for, enrich and develop young minds in Florida.

Pre-School: Where it all starts

st augustine preschool

Some states have minimal preschool options, but here in Florida, we are lucky to have many. There are standard local preschools with standard curriculums. And, there are programs, like st augustine preschool services, that are run with specific missions in mind.

Choosing the preschool that is best for you and your child can be tricky, but it is so important. If you have a specific way you like to take care of your child, and if you have a specific way you want your child to learn and explore, make sure you do your research.

There is no bad option, but there is a perfect option if you do a little digging and find a school that fits all your needs.

Parks and Ponds

If formal schooling is something you’d rather save for later in your child’s life- that’s okay! Never overestimate the value of the outdoors by using parks and playgrounds to enrich and advance your child’s mind.

Socializing with other children teaches children important social cues. Giving a child free reign in such open environments teaches them the importance of boundaries, discipline, and self-restraint.

It is even possible to employ more technical learning techniques by using rocks for counting or different animals for learning colors.

So, who says that Florida is just for short stays or retirement days? There are so many options available to nurture a child’s growing mind in the sunshine state.

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